Taxes; we hate them, we fear them, and no one loves them. Even the federal government doesn’t love them, though it seems like they keep coming up with unique ways to impart them on us. Tax Credits via Compfight Let’s face this reality. Without taxes we have nothing. We have no schools, no roads, no […]

Because of some holiday in Washington D.C., everyone got a brief extension to file their taxes, which are due today. As long as your return has today’s date stamp on it if you file by paper you’re considered as getting your taxes in on time. In some communities there’s at least one post office that […]

Tax season is a stressful time for many people, and the longer you procrastinate in preparing and filing your taxes, the more stressful it can get. As the April 18th deadline approaches (it was pushed back this year because of a city holiday in Washington, D.C.), last minute filers sometimes tend to rush through their […]

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