The last blog post of 2015 here was related to finding ways to relieve financial stress. There are some pretty good tips in that post, if I say so myself (I do since I wrote it) but I didn’t mention whether or not any of them were part of my own financial goals. Matre via […]

This is the typical year end post for most other people but a little something different from me. I’m only highlighting articles I wrote since I ended guest posting, and I’m also going to mention the top 5 visited posts of the year as well, which if you’re a regular visitor here you already know […]

30 year fixed mortgage rates are around 4.75%, which is an almost 1.5 increase from their 52 week low. Financial experts expect interest rates to continue to climb over the next year or two before leveling off. There are certain things that should be watched in order to keep your money protected as interest rates […]

I hope there’s no confusion because of the title, but just in case let me explain the issue up front. Many people overpay their taxes in their paycheck, whether it’s weekly or bi-weekly. They do this for one of two reasons usually. The first is worrying about not paying enough. The second is because they […]

Most people who study and finish college will be left with that big ‘what now’ question hanging over their head. For some people, this question will have never entered their mind and will have had a set plan from the moment they stepped onto their university campus. Werner Kunz via Compfight Deciding what you do […]

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