I’m a pretty loyal guy. When it comes to people I consider as friends, I’ll go to the ends of the earth to help them out of a jam. The caveat is if they do something that tests my loyalty. In that case it’s considered a violation of trust, and if you can’t trust people […]

The financial balancing act is proving to be a tricky one for many Americans right now. With the general cost of living in the US continuing to soar as a result of the country’s subprime crisis and the recent global financial downturn, you’ll need to be prudent about making savings wherever possible. If you set […]

I predict you’re going to be seeing more of this type of thing over the next year, and it’s probably about time. There’s a battle going on in the lower New York state area between Empire Blue Cross and a hospital group calling itself the Stellaris Health Network, which is a joint venture of four […]

I have to tell you, these days I’m getting more wary about the insurance people I talk to, including the people who supposedly represent me. Sometimes I’m just not sure what they’re saying, or whether I believe them to be representing me more than they’re representing themselves. Here’s my story. Since 1997, after I got […]

Health care took a major beating last year in this country. Sure, I understand that the first thing the President should have concentrated on is the economy, most specifically jobs. I also understand what his position was on health care. I don’t know that either he or the Democrats in Congress explained well enough what […]

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