Prepaid cards have and continue to become a popular form of spending for many. They are especially attractive for individuals who have found themselves in financial hardships and have either been unable to open a bank account or be approved for a credit card. Some prepaid cards have also been a top choice among parents […]

We’ve all seen them, right there on the shelves at eye level on our way through the checkout aisle. They’re those plastic cards that are simply that, useless plastic, until they are loaded with any amount of money we choose. Gift cards and prepaid cards are becoming more widely available at nearly every store we […]

You’ve read all the research, you talked to a few of your friends that have them, and you got all the information you needed from the latest news stories. Now you’ve finally decided that attaining a prepaid card is the right financial decision for you. Prepaid cards aren’t for everybody. In fact, many argue that […]

Prepaid cards, prepaid debit cards, prepaid gift cards, reloadable cards – whatever term is used to describe them these cards are continuously gaining popularity in the financial world. In a time when people are finding themselves in more debt than ever and not being able to afford the fees that are associated with credit card […]

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