It’s always interesting hearing how someone in another land views American interests, especially after already touching upon the subject in my own way. This is a British perspective; seems we’re pretty close in interpretation. Well, he did it. In one of the most closely called presidential campaigns in recent years, President Barack Obama headed off […]

Last week this blog endorsed President Obama for reelection because, based on all this blog had been tracking since he took office, the economy really did better than what people felt it had. Whether all of it was due to him or not might be debatable but it’s time to move forward. 401(K) 2012 via […]

Almost a year ago I wrote a post titled How To Mess Up A Health Care Bill. One of my main points in that post was talking about how people who didn’t get health care coverage yet didn’t qualify for something like Medicaid would end up paying out of pocket costs that they probably couldn’t […]

This can’t be a surprise to anyone, but yesterday, the Dow Jones closed at 9,908.39, falling 104 points from last Friday. Supposedly, the market is falling because of three reasons. One, President Obama wants there to be a bit more regulation in watching what these guys do. Two, foreign markets have been erratic, especially with […]

On Friday, the stock market took another big nose dive for the third day in a row. The Dow Jones dropped 217 points after President Obama’s speech, where he said that he wanted to have tougher regulations on banks that come up with tricks to help make their profits rise, but a very risky to […]

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