Bank of America and Citigroup must be related. On the heels of Citigroup’s bad financial disclosure yesterday, Bank of America has done the same thing, announcing that they’d lost around $2.2 billion compared to their big profit announcement last quarter. And, like Citigroup, they were able to post that profit because of a major sale, […]

After the last quarterly report of Citigroup’s big profit, which, as I pointed out then was a fluke because of a big sale they’d made, Citigroup has fallen back to reality and posted a loss of 3.24 billion yesterday. Man, I hate gloating, as it looked like I did when they were forced to continue […]

Color me stunned, kind of. After what I wrote a few days ago about Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase, and then my speculation on what might be coming from Citigroup and Bank of America, I can say I was stunned that Citigroup posted a $4.3 billion profit, and Bank of America posted a $3.2 […]

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