Health care took a major beating last year in this country. Sure, I understand that the first thing the President should have concentrated on is the economy, most specifically jobs. I also understand what his position was on health care. I don’t know that either he or the Democrats in Congress explained well enough what […]

I don’t know why, but I’m almost insulted by this. It seems that not only are the rest of us worried about interest rate hikes, the banks are also worried about interest rate hikes. Why is that? Because it seems that while many people haven’t been able to take advantage of the interest rate decreases […]

I tell you, it’s so strange trying to figure out finances and the stock market sometimes. The story about JP Morgan Chase gives us a dichotomy of fortunes that are somewhat incomprehensible when you’re trying to understand how some of these people who play the stock market think. Chase stated that they had a profit […]

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