Local governments collect property taxes to fund public services, such as schools, fire and police departments. The county or municipal assessor is responsible for determining the fair market value of commercial and residential property for tax purposes. This assessment should equal 100 percent of the current fair market value of the property. The valuation is […]

Like most other things, you either love or hate home assessments. It’s an odd thing because the mount your home is assessed for is used for both getting more money out of your pocket and getting more money into your pocket, although not necessarily at the same time. It’s this strange dichotomy that drives both […]

By now, everyone knows the economy is in trouble. If most of you are paying attention, you know that where you live is probably going to be in trouble as well. There are many reasons for this, and we might as well look at some of them because this isn’t going to be pretty. Let’s […]

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