The Federal Reserve today decided not to increase interest rates, saying they’re trying to help ease unemployment and stimulate the economy, which has stagnated. However, they seem to be upbeat that unemployment didn’t get worse, which I guess is a mixed blessing at best. That standards for how “well” the economy is going are so […]

An article on the Wall Street Journal website titled Debt-Cutting Will Slow Global Growth prophesized that debt cutting efforts by the United States and other countries, and by all the consumers, will slow economic growth for many years, which wouldn’t be a good thing for most economies. It’s an interesting premise, and it makes a […]

Finally some good news for retailers after last year’s fiasco which saw many retail chains close their doors. This year’s holiday season was much better, even with what seemed to be light traffic. The retail industry was up 2.9% from last year, more on the strength of watching expenses and being more selective with inventory, […]

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