I used to be the type of person who complained incessantly about my full time job working for someone else, but I never did anything about it! The truth is that I was afraid to take the plunge, to strike out on my own, to be the boss of me. I started to dabbled in […]

More and more Americans are now self employed, according to some recent figures. Findings by the US Labor Department show that the job market is improving but that around five millions Americans are becoming contractors and freelancers to make ends meet. During such a difficult economic climate, work is often hard to find and new […]

The early days of the Internet were a great time for those who had hopes of living the American Dream. In fact, the Internet made the world feel a lot smaller, and the American Dream became the dream of people from all over the world. Sadly, the dreamy period was short lived. First, the DotCom […]