In May of this year, it was revealed that research had found that a drug commonly used to treat Alzheimers sufferers could also be used to effectively treat those suffering from ‘Compulsive Buying Disorder’. Clinical trials conducted at the University of Minnesota apparently found that sufferers of CBD – perhaps more commonly known as ‘shopaholics’ […]

A couple of nights ago I was watching something on ESPN when they went to commercial. During that commercial, there was an advertisement for something new at Taco Bell called the Beefy Nacho Burrito. I don’t know what it was going on in my mind, but I had to have that, and I had to […]

Black Friday is nearly upon us. It’s the one day in the year where you can find outrageous deals on cell phones, clothing, furniture, and just about anything else you’d ever want to buy. The prospect of the busiest shopping day of the year is intimidating if not outright terrifying, and most are content to […]

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