None of us wants to think about our future; we want to live for the here and now. However, the here and now is what we need to think about because we’ll find the future upon us quicker than we were expecting it to be. Suddenly we might find ourselves not having enough money to […]

I figure it’s time to put my foot in the middle of this debate. Luckily, I believe that my opinion won’t be the death knell of this blog, nor do I believe it will engender lots of hate from either side. Balance; that’s what I like. teadrinker via Compfight Let’s get this out of the […]

By now everyone has heard a little bit about the advertised possible Medicare plan of Representative Paul Ryan, Republican from Wisconsin. Controversial? You bet. Thinking outside the box? Definitely. Good idea; not even close. After the Democrats were able to pass the health care bill last year, the Republicans spent an entire year beating it […]

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