For two generations Americans have forgotten what it means to save money. The concept of credit introduced in the late 1960’s ushered in an era of buy-now-pay- whenever and the plastic mentality soon became deep-seated in modern day consumerism. _Dinkel_ via Compfight The Diner’s Club was the first to trial the idea of shopping on […]

Sticking to a personal budget is always tough. While it is an effective way to start saving for future purchases or unexpected expenses, it often means denying yourself things that you would otherwise buy without a second thought. For this reason, many people avoid budgeting for fear that the sacrifices involved in the long, painful […]

I’m not a big proponent of people having a lot of credit cards. It’s way too easy to get lulled into a false sense of security as far as being able to buy anything you want to. Small monthly payments are also misleading because most people don’t realize how many years it would take to […]

There have been a few times on this blog when I have stated that my belief is that most of the jobs that were let go in 2008 and 2009 we’re never coming back. I’ve had that confirmed by a news story last week where interviews were done with many CEOs on the subject. However, […]

Many people are still having problems with their finances, and it’s scary. Some know they’re not making enough money, which is obviously a problem. Some don’t think they’re making enough money because they’re in debt, and what they probably need is some budgeting advice. And some know they’re making enough money, they’re spending that money, […]

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