Stock trading is a tough game. Discipline, commitment and patience are what is required at the beginning of your journey. When you can control your actions and emotions, you will be on the right track to trading success. Christoph Scholz via Compfight A professional trader once told me “the way you act when you enter […]

Do you find that your trading results are not as consistent as you’d like? Are you wanting to confidently repeat when you have winners? Of course you would! Goal #1 in trading is profits. Goal #2 is then making money consistently. Third is steadily increasing profits. Trey Ratcliff via Compfight Your trading profits are primarily […]

Think About Your Risk Profile This is one of the first things you should do as a trader or investor. If you are looking for modest returns with the goal of beating treasuries in the long term, you would clearly invest very differently than if you had a big risk appetite and wanted to aim […]

If you are looking to become a stock trader in 2012, you’re probably busy reading everything you can in the hopes of being armed with a lot of knowledge before committing money to the markets. That’s a great strategy and there is plenty of information online to help you. Here are a few quick tips […]

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