Because so many uneducated investors have lost millions of dollars trading options, they have a reputation for being a very risky investment vehicle. A solid education , and lots of time practicing with simulated trades is a good idea before jumping in to the options market with your hard earned dollars. But here are a […]

Well, I guess it had to happen eventually. After Citigroup finally posted its first profit in a very long time, the Treasury Department finally feels it’s time to shed itself of all that stock that they bought when Citigroup was in trouble. How much are we talking about? The government, which by extension means we […]

For now, it seems that the freefall that was known as Citigroup has slowed down and actually stabilized for awhile. The company whose stock price used to be around $55 a share back in 2006 is now hovering around $3.50 a share, but it’s been hovering around there for a few weeks now, even slightly […]

At the beginning of the week, I proclaimed that the stock market, most specifically the Dow Jones, was going to go down based on how things had closed on the previous Friday. Therefore, imagine my surprise when the Dow ended the week up close to 400 points. It’s a funny game, this Dow, and it […]

I tell you, it’s so strange trying to figure out finances and the stock market sometimes. The story about JP Morgan Chase gives us a dichotomy of fortunes that are somewhat incomprehensible when you’re trying to understand how some of these people who play the stock market think. Chase stated that they had a profit […]

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