I figure it’s time to put my foot in the middle of this debate. Luckily, I believe that my opinion won’t be the death knell of this blog, nor do I believe it will engender lots of hate from either side. Balance; that’s what I like. teadrinker via Compfight Let’s get this out of the […]

Taxes; we hate them, we fear them, and no one loves them. Even the federal government doesn’t love them, though it seems like they keep coming up with unique ways to impart them on us. Tax Credits via Compfight Let’s face this reality. Without taxes we have nothing. We have no schools, no roads, no […]

I hope there’s no confusion because of the title, but just in case let me explain the issue up front. Many people overpay their taxes in their paycheck, whether it’s weekly or bi-weekly. They do this for one of two reasons usually. The first is worrying about not paying enough. The second is because they […]