Yesterday I asked if you wanted to learn the basics of budgeting… or something else…. That question was based on a marketing project of mine that I’m doing on 4 of my blogs this week. Two out of the next 3 days there will be another blog post on the same subject. Asian Development Bank […]

This is something much different than the norm here, and for 3 of the remaining 4 days of this week. Let me explain. Yes, that’s me I’ve mentioned in previous posts that my background is in health care finance. I also know a great deal about budgeting and saving money, and some other things that […]

Last year around this time I wrote a post titled A Plan For Turning The Economy Around. In that post, I gave five things I thought could help: no more tax breaks move up the implementation of the credit card legislation firm up credit criteria have a plan for the bailout plan help the states […]