The latest jobs report shows that unemployment dropped from 9.9% to 9.7%. Normally looking at a figure like that would be a good thing, but this time around, there’s proof that figures sometimes don’t tell the whole truth. It seems that the reason unemployment dropped is because the federal government hired more than 400,000 employees […]

Sometimes I hate being right. On Friday, news was announced that 43 states show the growth in unemployment figures. Some of those states recorded record unemployment numbers, while others showed the highest unemployment rates experienced in many years. What’s a shame is that I had predicted that it wouldn’t be until February that we would […]

The National Federation of Independent Business came out with a report saying that the hiring of temporary workers is not only up, but is surging. In the last month alone, around 52,000 new temporary positions were filled, and that gives the organization a feeling that, at least for some companies, regular employment might be just […]

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