Last Tuesday I was trying to get out of the house because I had a meeting when I got one of those calls that my Spidey senses told me not to take, but I took it anyway. It turned out to be one of those energy companies calling; ugh. Keoni Cabral via Compfight Usually I […]

This has been a sweltering summer all around the country. I don’t know how many communities have had record heat; way too many to count. Where I live we missed our highest temperature ever by one degree, and still had a few days over 100°; way too many for me. by Alessandro Valli via Flickr […]

It’s safe to say that most of us live in areas where we’d love to be able to contain our energy costs in some fashion. If you live in cold climates, you have to deal with high energy bills in the winter. If you live in warm climates, you have to deal with high energy […]

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