For the first time in 18 months, foreclosures actually slowed down, giving the housing industry a little bit of relief. But only a little bit of relief because it’s definitely only temporary. What caused the reduction? Two main things occurred. One, the federal government and state attorney generals started investigations into “robo-signing” of all those […]

The housing industry has been in an uproar for a few years now, and things are starting to come to a head. First we hear about robo-signing of foreclosures. Next all 50 states and the federal government ask banks to stop foreclosures until this practice can be evaluated; some banks do it, then decide they’re […]

It doesn’t seem to pay to be Wells Fargo these days. Just a couple of months after losing a court case involving some sneaky way they were calculating overdraft fees, on Wednesday it was announced that they’re going to be forgiving around $772 million in home loans for around 8,700 people, and at the same […]

Wells Fargo is a multiple offender. Therefore, it came as no surprise to anyone that they lost their court challenge against having to pay a fine for excessive overdraft fees they imposed on their customers. A California judge determined that they have to pay back $203 million in what the judge determined was a tricky […]

When I wrote my article on Blacks And Hispanics getting higher mortgage rates, the bank I mentioned at the time was my favorite whipping boy, Citigroup. Seems that another bank is being called onto the carpet for doing the same thing. Memphis and Baltimore have called out Wells Fargo for doling out high-interest subprime mortgages […]

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