For the first time in 18 months, foreclosures actually slowed down, giving the housing industry a little bit of relief. But only a little bit of relief because it’s definitely only temporary. What caused the reduction? Two main things occurred. One, the federal government and state attorney generals started investigations into “robo-signing” of all those […]

The housing industry has been in an uproar for a few years now, and things are starting to come to a head. First we hear about robo-signing of foreclosures. Next all 50 states and the federal government ask banks to stop foreclosures until this practice can be evaluated; some banks do it, then decide they’re […]

It doesn’t seem to pay to be Wells Fargo these days. Just a couple of months after losing a court case involving some sneaky way they were calculating overdraft fees, on Wednesday it was announced that they’re going to be forgiving around $772 million in home loans for around 8,700 people, and at the same […]