Unlike many years ago when the traditional way to purchase auto insurance was to go through an insurance agent, many consumers now are turning to purchasing auto insurance directly from insurance companies. Purchasing direct auto insurance not only cuts out the middle man, but it can potentially save you money as well; which is one of the main reasons direct insurance is growing in popularity.

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No More Middle Man

When you go directly to the insurance company to purchase your coverage, you essentially cut out the middle man. In many instances, this results in lower premiums for the same amount of coverage you would have gotten had you gone through the insurance agent. It certainly makes sense when you look at it from a budgeting aspect.

Let’s face it; the cost of everything seems to be on a steady upward climb, with no apex in sight. Consumers the world over are searching for ways to better budget their money so as to make it go farther. Stretching a dollar has never been more appropriate is it is in today’s financial climate. Direct Insurance can help stretch that dollar.

By cutting out the middleman (The insurance agent) you can avoid having to pay commission costs, which makes obtaining auto insurance less of a burden on your overall budget. Additionally, it’s very easy and quick to obtain. You can do everything in one phone call or online from the comfort of your own home. No appointments or time missed from other things in order to sit down with an insurance agent. You can iron out all the details directly with the insurance company and have the coverage you want in no time at all.

Direct Access And Competitive Benefits

You can go online directly to the insurance provider’s site, and order what type of coverage you want, in the amounts of coverage that fits into your budget, and in many cases, for much less.

Another great thing about direct insurance is the competition it’s been stirring up among insurance providers. This competition reduces the insurance premiums across the board for all consumers.

What’s the Down-Side?

The only real disadvantage to direct auto insurance is that you can’t get comparison quotes. In other words, you can’t compare the prices of multiple insurance companies the way an agent could (although buyer beware, some do not unless asked!). Of course, nothing prevents you from making multiple calls directly to a number of different companies and doing the quote comparisons on your own. It would be a little more time consuming, but if it brings you piece of mind that you’re getting the best deal, it’s worth it. You could cut that time-commitment down even further with an online quote site or online insurance calculator.

The budgeting benefits of direct auto insurance make it worth it. Cut out that middleman, go directly to the source yourself, and keep some of that hard-earned money in your pocket!

Mary Ward regularly blogs on auto and insurance-related topics, helping to educate consumers on such topics as direct insurance and other ways to save with auto insurance.

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