So, this is what it’s come to, eh? The economy has gotten to the point where limousines need to be downsized to save money?


This is the new Rolls Royce limousine, called The Ghost. It’s called Ghost because last year’s 4-door limo was called The Phantom; no, that’s doesn’t make much sense either. Still, it was a big seller last year, but this year it’s hit upon hard times because of the economy. So Rolls has decided that the country want a new, smaller limo, and thus the Ghost, which was supposedly in the plans for production for years, is finally getting its introduction to the world.

In my opinion, this is really indicative of where our economy is. I mean, if the rich people can’t afford anything better than a sub compact limo (I know the car isn’t a sub compact, but compared to what we think of when we hear the word “limo”, and compared to the size of the Phantom, it is), then what kind of hope does that give the rest of us? Oh sure, the $245,000 price tag may seem a bit pricey to the regular guy, but the Phantom went for $380,000. Tell the truth, isn’t that a more feelgood dollar amount when you want to think of the rich and powerful putting their money out for quality?


Truthfully, as far as I’m concerned, if a limousine isn’t long and doesn’t have room for at least four people in the back, then it’s just a car, and if it’s just a car, what the heck does it cost $245,000 for, unless it’s a Zimmer car. Now, there’s a car I could sink my teeth into if I didn’t live in central New York, even though the guy who makes them lives here.

The Ghost is coming in January, and based on preliminary polls, it looks like it’ll sell okay initially, if only because of the price. Rolls is taking a chance by skimping on a few things that make their cars quality in the first place, and that also doesn’t bode well for their long term success as a luxury car maker. We don’t want our luxury cars cutting corners; we want them going all out, giving those cars things that regular cars don’t get, because it gives us something to aspire to down the road.


Then again, I’m not aspiring to buy a limousine to begin with; there’s no fun in driving a limo for yourself. Instead, I want a Zimmer like this one; maybe Rolls needs to think about something like this, which commands a lot less money (Shaq bought one for around $100,000) but looks like a heck of a lot more fun to drive.

And someone please, please, remind Rolls and the rest of the world what a limousine is supposed to be.