I had a feeling this day was coming and it finally has. As of today Top Finance Blog will no longer accept guest posts. All the posts that have already been approved will still be published, which takes it into the middle of December, and then it will cease.


Over the years there has been some pretty good quality that many writers have added to the blog, and I appreciate that. However, over the past year there have been multiple incidents that have started to drive me crazy.

First, it’s amazing how few people actually check to see if there’s a guest posting policy here. Even though I always ignored the first email there were enough people who actually followed up on their initial request, and at that point I’d send them to the guest posting policy. That’s a lot of emails I shouldn’t have bothered with, but I did.

Second, all the requests that have started coming in asking me to remove links, even this blog’s links within their articles, or their articles entirely. Frankly, I’ve ignored most of these because they’re coming from people who don’t own the site, and they’re in comments, which means they paid someone to write those comments. A few letters even threatened to report this blog to Google; obviously they haven’t read or understood the disavow tool all that well.

Third, since I started accepting guest posts the income for this blog has dropped. This particular blog is the only one I’ve ever tried to make an income from and it was doing okay for a while there. Its ranking has fluctuated, but it’s never been penalized by a Google update; that should tell you owners who have said you’ve had problems linking to this blog something.

Finally, the fourth reason is that it takes more time to go through a lot of posts, edit some, send some back, check on blogs to see if writers are responding to comments (which have diminished a lot), back and forth interactions with some folks who don’t understand the policy… doesn’t matter. It all takes a lot of time and I just don’t have it anymore. Never really did to begin with.

The guest posting policy has been removed because it’s not needed anymore. For the next 30 or so days I will respond to any request by telling the writer this blog no longer accepts guest posts. When the clock turns and it’s 1/1/14, I will no longer respond to any of those letters. Sure, no one’s going to read this post to know what’s happened, but I will be pinning it to the top from today until the end of the year; now we’ll see how many of those people who say “I’ve been a long time reader of Top Finance Blog…” when sending out guest post requests are actually even looking at the blog.

I wish all of you writers well, although 65% of the requests I’ve received have come from someone other than the writer. I love writers, being one myself, and I’m sorry it hasn’t worked out. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll be accepting sponsored posts to generate a little bit of income; I’ll have to think about that one for some time.

So, if you’ve seen this blog on a list of blogs that accept guest posts, the list is incorrect as of today. Good luck to all of you; now it’s my turn to concentrate on this blog’s content.