Greetings all,

I guess it’s about time to shut down this blog, Top Finance Blog. It’s been a nice run of 11 years and initially I had a lot of fun and made some nice money, but those days are gone and it’s time to move on.

by skeeze from Pixabay

Since I never had many return visitors or subscribers and had only one comment in the last 5 months, I doubt anyone will actually read this. But that’s okay because I’m turning off comments in any case, so I’ll probably never know if anyone ever cared about most of the content here in the last few years or so.

However, if there were things here that interested you, here’s a bit of information for you. Many of the articles here will be repurpose elsewhere. They’ll either go to my accountant’s blog, who I write for, or my relatively local blog, Syracuse Wiki, where I write about my escapades around central New York and other things I like to write that I don’t have another place for.

In the meantime, many articles will still be here until the site shuts down some months from now when the expiration of the domain name will occur. If someone else buys it they’ll probably erase all the content that I left here, but if I didn’t take it that either means it was dated or not up to snuff… or was a guest post from years ago.

So long, farewell, and enjoy the rest of 2020 and years after that!

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