The majority of all crime is about leaving the opportunity open to a criminal. And it may sound harsh, but that does mean you are responsible for your own property and how you plan to secure it. You do not want to leave that opportunity open to a burglar. Of course the first issue that appears when it comes to home security is finances; home alarms of any kind can seem like such a steep cost. So here are a few helpful tips and insights from the home alarm industry that just might help you with obtaining the most security for the littlest of cost.

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Magnet Sensor

Sometimes the costs for an entire system with a control panel and sensors everywhere can be too hefty to devote the cash to it. But that is okay, because when it does come to home security, anything is better than nothing. This is where picking up a couple of Magnet based sensors for your interior-exterior doors and windows can replace the full works of a more complicated security system.

Magnet sensors are incredibly cheap; you can get a dozen of them for around twenty dollars. Although they won’t be connected to each other, they do provide the simple security of being an alarm that will sound on their own if someone tries to get in through the areas you have placed them. And it has been proven that simply having an alarm sound can be quite effective for detouring thieves from your home, and they also tend to get neighbors involved, especially if you mention your alarm system to them. Plus, magnet sensors are the simplest to install, just peel and stick where you want them. Just remember to stock up on batteries, as most of those sensors won’t connect to your house electricity.


Maybe you are looking for more than a quick fix to your home security. In that case, you will definitely want to toss in the cost of picking up a main control console for all your security needs, possibly even look into a full bundle that will get you a control panel and the sensors you need (Aim for wireless so you can take it with you when/if you leave that home).

Once you have done all that, instead of signing up with a company to have them monitor your home, you can set the system yourself to warn you when the alarm goes off, or even to call emergency services directly if the alarm remains on too long. The monitoring costs of someone other than you tend to be what will add up each month, but that doesn’t mean you can’t obtain great deals from those companies then just monitor your security on your own. Be careful about whether you sign any contracts though.

So if you are one of those do-it-yourself types, and don’t mind taking a little time to set up your system yourself, it can be incredibly rewarding and if you get one of those advanced systems you can end up wirelessly syncing and automating all of your house systems, like lights or electricity to turn off at certain hours of the day so you can save some cash on bills.


As an added bonus that not everyone is aware of, you can save money on your home insurance by simply having a security system monitoring that home. There tend to be specific rules depending on your home insurance plan, so it is best to check with them before deciding that you will save some money on your insurance with the particular alarm system you have. However, the majority of those savings can be anywhere from five percent to twenty percent on the annual premiums.

Be aware though, the majority of insurance companies will only provide a discount if you have a full system with a console and multiple sensors or a system that will connect to your fire alarms or if it is being monitored by an outside company. It does not hurt to speak with your insurance provider to see what qualifies under home insurance savings when home alarms are involved.

Security Basics

Even if you can’t afford the really expensive home security equipment, things as simple as installing one or two alarms or getting a deadbolt lock on your door can completely thwart an effort to break into your home and save you much emotional turmoil, while keeping your costs down.

Remember, it is your security, both of mind, body and possessions. Don’t get taken for a fool with your home security, but don’t be a fool by not securing your home in the first place. You’ll find it is worth every penny.

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