Milestone day, and it’s time to talk a little bit about the statistics of Top Finance Blog.

I started this blog on December 7th, after purchasing it from my buddy Justin, who had too many things going on and decided it was better to sell than let it go to pieces. .

Since that time, I have entertained 18 different topics, and one has overwhelmingly clobbered the rest. Those topic areas are:

Financial Health – 25

Housing Markets – 8

Credit Cards – 7 1/2

Health Care – 7

Business – 7

If you’re wondering about that 1/2 point, I had two topics for one of my posts, hence each one gets half a point. I can see how talking about the financial health of the country would be a big topic for me, as it’s probably the second biggest story of the year, behind Barack Obama taking the oath of office.

Next, my top posts for this time period. It’s interesting how the top two has far outstripped the next three on the list as far as visitors go, including one that was more personal than anything else, but let’s see what those five were:

Ten Most Affordable Cities In The U.S. – 153

My Financial Goals For 2009 – 136

Republicans Introduce “Pork” List – 69

21st Bank Closing Of 2009 – 58

Famous People Who Lost It All – 58

Of course, you can’t talk about a blog without talking about the comments. Understanding what this blog is about, I know why there aren’t the high number of comments I get on one of my other blogs, so I’m happy with what I’ve received to date. This ends up being my top 7 because of the numbers:

Why Are These Folks Protesting The G20 Summit? – 12

Things Will Get Better Financially – 10

How Go The Taxes? – 10

Is Gold The Safe Haven It Used To Be? – 10

Secret Banking Going By The Wayside – 9

Thirteen And Counting – 9

How Do You Feel About Paperless Billing? – 9

What’s interesting about the last two is that none of them are the same; I’m not sure what to think about that.

Anyway, I’m not giving the total number of visitors during this period because when I changed my theme, I didn’t get any information for 12 days from Google Analytics. This means that all of the other numbers are somewhat skewed also, but hey, this isn’t going to affect the world economy, so the numbers are what they are. I will say that I had one peak day in February where I had 66 visitors; I wouldn’t be mad at consistent numbers like that.

The final report is just for commerce sake. This blog only made 72 cents in the first 100 posts. I haven’t made a sale on any of the affiliate programs on the side, which means the money I’ve made has come through Adsense. Not a biggie overall, but it’s something interesting because the belief has always been that niche anything would eventually start making nice money, and that hasn’t happened with this blog. Maybe one day; wouldn’t that be an interesting report.

There we go. This is number 101, and there will be plenty more coming as we go along. By the way, though it has nothing to do with finances, I’d like to announce a webinar I’m giving on June 30th titled Social Media, SEO & Your Business In 90 Minutes, starting at 11AM and running until 12:30PM. You can find out more by clicking on the above link. I’m nothing is not multi-functional. I hope you can attend, as the cost is only $37, but even if you can’t, help spread the word.

And I hope you stop by here as often as you can, as I’ll continue trying to intrigue you with my thoughts and beliefs of what’s going on with our financial world.

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