For years, one of the things I’ve talked about often on this blog is the need to help the economy by going the infrastructure route. Although it comes across to some as a controversial recommendation because it means spending money to make money, I’ve always believed that those are the kinds of projects that help to stimulate an area by beautifying an area. At the same time, building projects also create jobs outside of construction that sometimes stick around after the construction is done.

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I am a proponent of President Obama’s health care plan for the most part. The one thing I haven’t liked about the plan is its penalties against contractors. Contractors are they have to have builders insurance, aka liability insurance, before they can start a project, and I’m not against having contractors make sure that they have some kind of insurance coverage for their employees if it’s a long-term project.

The issue is twofold for me. One, the Health Care Bill states that contractors with five or more employees must have health insurance or pay the penalty, and most of us know that the contractors are going to pay the penalty rather than supply health care because it’s easier for them to control. The other issue is that in some states such as New York, contractors have to carry mandatory workers compensation insurance if they have more than one worker that doesn’t include themselves. Since it’s obvious that many building contractors would have to have more than one person working in the company, that’s another expense that’s heaped upon the very people we need to start improving areas around the country.

When it comes to some industries, I believe there needs to be some kind of balance between regulation and freedom for businesses to thrive. Large corporations definitely need to have some rules in place to protect workers. Smaller businesses that are attempting to hire people should have some regulations, but should also be given some leeway. Making them pay employees what they deserve to be paid is fair. Protecting them against serious injury by having compensation insurance is fair.

Expecting them to supply health insurance when every other small business doesn’t have to worry about it until he gets to 50 is unfair. It’s all construction businesses were multimillion dollar operations I might have a different feeling about this, but they’re not. This is one of those few times where I believe the federal government has overstepped its bounds and not followed its promise of not hurting the middle class with any plans it put into place concerning health care or taxes.

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