Yesterday the House passed the Expedited CARD Reform for Consumers Act of 2009 by a vote of 331-92 vote Wednesday, with a number of Republicans joining Democrats in voting for the bill. It was about time someone decided to look out for we, the people, and many of the things credit card companies have been doing to us.

That anyone would vote against this bill is almost criminal, in my eyes, but 91 people did, and their reasoning is supposedly that it will hurt the availability of credit. As a matter of fact, supposedly that’s what the fight is going to be in the Senate, where this bill supposedly will have a problem getting through.

This is the most ridiculous thing; how can this not pass? As it is, almost no one is getting any credit right now anyway. More people are being turned down for credit as the debate about credit scores and the tightening qualifications in getting loans has been a topic for awhile. Few people are getting home loans; few people are being qualified for new credit cards, even though those bad boys are suddenly showing up at least every other day at my house. Having interest rates being jacked up, balances being charged and balances being drastically dropped that put us over the limit almost immediately when we were encouraged to move our money to these new cards, and being told to pay up or get out… that’s fair? In some cases, cards have just been closed without warning.

Here’s the deal, Washington politicians who voted against this bill. The rest of us aren’t rich. We don’t have the millions of dollars you have to even live calm lives, let alone spend to get elected to a job that pays less than 10% of your net worth so you can feel good about yourselves by trying to make us believe you have our best interests at heart. This is a no-brainer; protect us, pass this bill, and let’s move on.

If anyone disagrees with me that this is a bad bill, please try to convince me why. But be warned; it’s not going to be easy.