A few weeks ago I wrote my opinion here on the Occupy Wallstreet protests that are popping up everywhere. My major gripe is that, because people said they wanted it to be a “leaderless” campaign, it had no direction, and thus no real plan on what changes people wanted or any ideas on how to change them.

Based on what’s just happened concerning major banks and those folks with debit cards at those banks, it seems the Occupy Wallstreet people need to learn the art of “fussing” about something specific and targeted and be ready to do something a bit more drastic and personal. This is because the people, some of whom might be part of that movement, made their case and were ready to take some serious action (some people did) and basically got all the major banks to back down on proposed charges for people to use debit cards.

Bank of America was the last major bank to back off the threat after Wells Fargo & J.P. Morgan Chase had already backed down, and even smaller chains like SunTrust Banks and Regions Financial have decided they’re not going that route either. Citigroup, one of my favorite whipping boys here, and PNC Bank had already stated that they wouldn’t be adding fees to debit cards; smart boys.

So the people won; or have they? We still have to deal with higher bank fees from our checking and savings accounts, potential higher fees if we need to get money from ATMs that aren’t at the bank, higher prices to replace checks, and a host of other things banks could pull to try to recover money that they shouldn’t have been getting in the first place.

Yes, the people did win. I’m of the opinion that a message has been sent to the major banks that we, the people, are ready to move our money to smaller, more consumer-friendly banks and credit unions, most of which have no fees whatsoever, and bypass the large banks altogether. I asked the question weeks ago as to why people still use big banks and only one person had what could have been considered a legitimate response. This means that the majority of you might be hanging on because the big names are, well, better known, not necessarily because they’re better banks.

But money will make us take action, and when banks keep trying to penalize us for using our money, which they’ve encouraged us to use, it seems we the people are ready to move our money to someone who will give us more respect. And the big banks are listening; way to go folks!

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