The book The Richest Man Who Ever Livedicon by Steven K. Scott is a wonderfully written book on how one can attain wealth and success told in a way where we learn the story of how King Solomon, who based on his time period, was indeed the richest man ever on Earth.


King Solomon knew how to accumulate wealth. He had access to both gold and silver mines. But he was wise with his money, for awhile at least, and allowed it to grow and compound into even more wealth. Now, I’m not a biblical guy so I’m not going to go into how the Bible touts it, but in history he was known as a wise sage who gave plenty of advice to people throughout history, including other kings and queens, and eventually grew his wealth to the point where he would have been a trillionaire in today’s terms; that’s not bad.

In essence, the book points out steps one needs to take to attain wealth, and they’re pretty good. Let’s take a look at some of these.

1. Diligence, which basically says that you have to be ready to do what’s necessary to save your money and do it on a consistent basis. The book lists 4 steps to this: wake up to reality; define your visions; effectively parther; and pursue wisdom.

2. Vision; without having a vision for what you want to do and achieve you’ll just roam around wishing for things without being able to put a plan together of how you want to get there.

3. Communication; it’s not only about how you communicate with others but how you allow others to communicate with you. Are you willing to listen to learn how to become rich? Are you listening to the right people? Do people want to listen to you? Can you be persuasive in getting what you need? It’s about sharing; you’ll get back as much as you give.

4. Partnering; no one gets rich on their own. This is a tough concept to deal with but ultimately it makes sense depending on how you look at it. If you work at a large company you realize it takes all those people to make the company successful. If you work alone you realize that you need people who can help you out with leads, put in a good word for you as references, even sometimes hire to take care of things you don’t have time to do as you’re trying to do your business. You have to make sure you pick the right partners though; choose incorrectly and it can all come crashing down.

There are a lot more lessons, more detailed than anything I can fully get into right now. I will say that the book takes on kind of a religious tone here and there, which will make some people happy and be off-putting a little bit to others, but you can get around that. You’ll pick up great lessons from this book including learning the main reason King Solomon also lost all his wealth; nope, I’m not revealing it here. Check out the book by the link above, and think about adding it to your financial library.

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