The Financial Times have released an online video featuring their US managing editor Gillian Tett, which goes into detail on 3 numbers which they believe summarize the current state of the US economy.

The numbers are –

40% – the number of imports which are actually made in the USA. During a cars manufacturing process, parts can cross the US/Mexico border around 8 times, but 40% of the time the part itself originates from home soil.

53 million is the number of US citizens who currently work for themselves as freelancers, a figure which is only set to rise.

$12 trillion – this is 152x more money than Bill Gates is worth, yet it is the amount which Americans are due to inherit from relatives over the next decade. It is going to shape how people use their money, and will affect the entire economy.

Check out the video, they are certainly not the sort of numbers we were expecting. Which 3 numbers would you say sum up the US economy? Let us know in the comments.

The FT are currently offering a 4 week trial for just $1 which you can grab now on their website.

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