Despite what you may hear on pop-up internet ads promoting the latest get-rich-quick scheme, the reality is only criminals and lucky people can actually accomplish it. The current economic status of the United States as a whole has reached levels of uncertainty matched only by the Great Depression in the 1930s. The Federal Reserve continues unabated printing of more U.S. dollars, debasing the currency, and causing mass inflation, higher prices on everything, and job losses. Americans are looking for solid investments that can bring their families some security even in times of uncertainty. The following are some ideas for you to consider.

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Buy Precious Metals

The statistics simply don’t lie. In 2002, an ounce of pure gold cost around $300, while an ounce of silver could be had for about $4. By 2011, gold peaked at $1,890 an ounce, while silver skyrocketed to $48 that same year. Those who understand monetary policy and the simple concept of supply and demand saw this spike in prices coming. The Federal Reserve printed massive amounts of money throughout the decade, causing the dollar to continually lose value. The central bank doesn’t plan on curtailing its free-printing policies anytime soon. Whenever you hear the words “QE3” and soon “QE4” in television and radio news, it’s time to buy precious metals. Most Americans simply buy exchanged-traded funds (stocks) in gold, but buying the actual bullion from dealers, such as US Money Reserve, gives you complete and total ownership of your investment. Peter Schiff, an economist who predicted the last spike in gold prices, now contends gold will rise well above $5,000 per ounce in the next five years.

Solar Energy

The U.S. dollar, also known as the “petrodollar”, gets its value solely from OPEC countries being statutorily obligated to trade commodity with said currency. With day-to-day oil prices being a complete mystery, families that are the most energy-independent will be able to maintain their stand of living even in times of economic uncertainty. Photovoltaic solar energy systems are becoming more affordable everyday, especially with the rebates and tax credit, federal and state governments offer. Most of them come with 20 to 25 year warranties and are very low maintenance. The aforementioned systems are capable of powering an entire home, but most solar users start with just a water heater or a grid-tied system. The savings on energy bills vary, but a 50 percent reduction isn’t out of the question.

Become a Network Analyst

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs over the past several years, and have the opportunity to go back to school. The idea is to become knowledgeable in a field with unlimited growth potential. The Boston Globe ranked Network and Data Communications Analyst as the fastest-growing and most stable job in America right now. A bachelor’s degree is required by some employers, but simply obtaining certifications from Cisco and/or Microsoft is more than enough to get your foot in the door. Companies are utilizing new and better technologies for their networking needs, which creates more jobs for IT personnel. The median pay for a Systems Analyst in 2011 was $78,770, U.S. News and World Report reported.

Madeleine Berry – Still a consultant for hedge-fund investors, Madeleine believes that there are many other business endeavors that one can invest in, outside of military spending. She tells her clients to follow their heart and the money will follow.

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