Once again, CNN Money & Fortune Magazine has come up with the Top 100 Companies to work for list. This year, an entrant that’s been on every list since they began charting this has moved into the #1 spot for the first time. I can’t lie, I never heard of SAS before I checked this out here, but it does sound like a fun place to work.

First, here’s the top 10:

2 Edward Jones
3 Wegmans Food Markets
4 Google
5 Nugget Market
6 DreamWorks Animation SKG
7 NetApp
8 Boston Consulting Group
9 Qualcomm
10 Camden Property Trust

I don’t know all of these companies, but three of them I feel like I know pretty well. Who hasn’t seen a DreamWorks presentation? In my mind, any company that makes animated movies has to be a fun place to work, so I’m not overly surprised by that. Google is another company that has a lot of activities for its employees to do, although they had kind of an up and down year in 2009 and actually eliminated a few of those perks. But it seems the people who work there love the place.

The one I know the best is Wegmans Food Market, like Google, a former number one employer. As a matter of fact, not only did I briefly write about them in another blog back in 2006, and write about them again in one of my newsletter, but Forbes Magazine had a wonderful write up about them in 2003, naming them the number one company in the world for customer service. I love Wegmans, and it’s not because I share a property line with them at the present time (our “backyards” are up against each other). Everyone is just so nice, every store is wonderful, the quality can’t be knocked, and they’re very good to their employees. I know many people who started there when they were young, earned scholarship money, worked there during their breaks to earn more money, and when they graduated worked there until they could find their true calling, which, for some of them, was to stay at Wegmans and move up the ladder in some fashion.

Congrats to all 100 companies; check them out at that first link above.