With the rapid growth in smartphones over the last few years there has also been a correlating rise in smartphone applications provided from car insurance companies. Most of the major car insurance companies now offer applications on android and I-phone operating systems. Below we will look at the five best features available on smartphones and how you can utilize them to your advantage.

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Accident helper – Most of the top car insurance companies have a form of this feature available on their app. Some of the guidance provided is to take pictures of the crash scene and damages to vehicles and property. In addition the app will help gather documentation, such as types of vehicles, license numbers and witnesses contact information. With the information uploaded the accident helper will proceed to file a claim directly to the car insurance company you are working with.

Managing Insurance Policies – Another helpful feature, especially for customers who hold multiple insurance policies, such as homeowners and life insurance, is getting account information on all policies. Smartphone car insurance apps will also allow you to track your balances and provide quick access to information on your policy. This can also apply to consumers with full coverage auto insurance who also supplement their protection with coverage such as gap and umbrella insurance.

Proof of insurance – If you have problems keeping track of your insurance cards, then your car insurance smartphone app may also come in handy. Some states accept proof of insurance by showing policies on your smartphone. Since car insurance is regulated by the state you live in, you should verify this is acceptable before replacing the paper copy you hold in your glove box. With the growing popularity of smartphone’s use we likely will see an increased acceptance of using your smartphone to show proof of insurance.

Roadside assistance – If you travel out of town it is helpful to have roadside information available in case of any car problems. The roadside assistant features can help you find a close taxi service or a rental car agency. In addition, if you have a flat tire the app can aid in finding the closest towing service available.

Informative Sections – Most smartphone applications have additional information available to help you when you are out on the road. For instance, Geico has a nice section that shows you how to fix a flat tire, check tire pressure or jump start a car. These sections can be especially helpful for first time drivers just starting to learn the ins and outs of driving a car.

We likely will see added functionality in the coming years. Having information and guidance available when we are in a car accident or have car problems can make a difficult situation easier to handle.

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