This is the 3rd day of my posts this week on training programs I’m looking to put together. I skipped Wednesday because I didn’t want to overwhelm folks on this blog with all the advertising; like a one day break changes things all that much.

Trust this guy; he is me

In yesterday’s post I mentioned the other 3 blogs where I’m talking about creating and marketing these products. Today, I’d like to briefly mention products I’ve already created, only one of which is listed on this blog, that being my first book on leadership titled Embrace The Lead, which is over there to the left.

Other things I’ve created are:

Mitchell Employee Evaluation Module – a system that will help you hire the type of person you’re looking for based on real criteria instead of just how educated someone might be

Mitchell Manager Training Program – a 5-part course for training new managers that I created almost 10 years ago

Social Media, SEO & Your Business – a webinar on how to communicate with others on social media and optimizing one’s website for business purposes

Leadership Is/Isn’t Easy – my second book on leadership, it’s a collection of previous writings on the subject from 2003 through 2008

Keys To Leadership – a 2-part seminar series I delivered live on leadership rules and communication

Using Your Website As A Marketing Tool – an ebook that talks about ways to market your products via various social media outlets with examples from those who’ve succeeded

Creating products is a way for you to have something you can market without always having to be around when someone stops by to buy from you. I’m not going to lie and say I’ve had great success with all of these but that’s my fault because I haven’t marketed them as much as I should have over the years.

I’ve sold every one of these items and it’s always great when someone buys from me. Recently I’ve stepped up marketing more often, and when I create each of these new products I’ll market them hard, at least in initially.

So, now that I’ve talked about marketing products, let’s get on with the rest of it.

These are the areas you have to select from (categories are underlined):

Personal Budgeting

Social Media

benefits and dangers of social media
social media marketing tips
YouTube & video basics

Hospital Revenue Cycle

Medical Billing techniques
Understanding Charge Master
Understanding the Revenue Cycle


Customer Service

How to provide good customer service
Training others to be good at customer service


How to motivate yourself
Motivating Others


Being A Better Leader
Training Others To Be Leaders


Business blogging
blogging for money
blog writing
article writing for others

Self Employment

Now, method of delivery:

Udemy course
Live seminar
Email course
YouTube (this is new because it’s been requested on some of the other blogs as an option)
1 on 1 training (in person, Skype, Google Hangout, phone)

Remember, only one vote per person. You don’t even have to promise me you’ll buy; I just want to know which one you find the most important to you, and how you’d prefer it to be delivered.

I thank everyone in advance for participating and sharing this post, and I thank anyone who’s actually looked at all of the posts on this topic on this blog and any of my other blogs, which I mentioned if the first post of the series on Monday. I really appreciate all your help, and can’t express my gratitude as much as it deserves. 😉

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