Sometimes I hate being right. On Friday, news was announced that 43 states show the growth in unemployment figures. Some of those states recorded record unemployment numbers, while others showed the highest unemployment rates experienced in many years.

What’s a shame is that I had predicted that it wouldn’t be until February that we would see for sure that unemployment figures, which had gone down in November, were realistic. I went off to believe that so many of the jobs that people were hired for were temporary that they had to be seasonal jobs and not jobs that were going to become permanent, and I might have been correct on that.

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of people fell off the unemployment rolls, which I and many other people predicted was going to happen because many people have reached the end of being able to collect unemployment. That means they’re no longer being counted, but they’re still unemployed and us that’s why when you look at unemployment figures you always have to think that the rate is probably at least .5% to 1% higher than what you’re seeing, at least in tough economic times.

All of this, and now we’re probably not going to have a health care plan that will cover any of these people either. Let’s just pile on these people who seem to be getting more and more bad news. What’s it going to take to turn things around? I’m not sure what the administration is going to do about it, but I have some ideas that are probably right in another post that could help some things. For now, President Obama has stated that he is ready to work hard to address the problems of the economy. Truthfully, that’s how things should of started last year since he became president. James Carville’s words come back to us time and time again: “it’s the economy stupid.”