Even though the Dow dropped 25 points today, overall it’s up 1,500 points since a month ago when it was down around 6,500.

If you’re like me, you’re ready for the good times to come. And most of the news we’ve been hearing seems to be good. The housing markets are starting to show some life. Outstanding debt has been decreasing. Consumer confidence went up slightly. More organizations are showing signs of stability. And even one odd thing that, though negative, is being seen as more of a positive, is General Motors possibly declaring bankruptcy rather than accepting money from the Obama Administration’s stimulus package. And, one last thing, March had the fewest number of bank closings for the year.

Probably the only big, bad financial story that’s come out recently involves Chase Bank and some of its negative credit card procedures. Of course, it seems complaints about Chase credit are nothing new, but this particular bad news is turning into good news for consumers, and you can thank New York’s Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for a refund of $4.4 Million to consumers for their sneaky practices of raising rates on people to whom they’d already promised that rates were frozen. For some of these people, they had already closed their accounts and were paying down balances when Chase did it, which is in clear violation of their own policies. One question is just how much any of this will impact former Washington Mutual customers, many of whom saw some interesting changes in their bills, including a $10 monthly charge, just because. Of course, Chase is saying they’ve changed their policies because of customer complaints, but we all know the truth.

All this, and Madoff is in jail; things just get better and better.