By now, everyone in the country has heard about what’s going on in Wisconsin. They’re in a financial mess, and the governor has come up with a plan that he believes will work. Unfortunately for him, there’s great disagreement on his plan, and that’s led to both protests and many members of the other party in Congress to actually leave the state instead of stay and vote, presumably because they feel they’ll lose.

I’m taking sides in this debate, but I’m only going so far with it. I’m of the opinion that no one person has the right to determine that they’re going to change things in such a manner and totally violate the laws of the country or state that were in place before they got there. The main thrust of all of this is that the governor wants to make it harder for unions to exist in his state, and he’s using the state’s financial problems to do it.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. President Reagan did the same thing when it came to air traffic controllers in 1981, firing them all the then getting PATCO, their union, decertified. And he got away with it. Conservatives hate unions because they feel union workers make too much money and drag down everyone else. It’s kind of funny that they don’t see billionaires in the same light, but then they say these folks are creating jobs, and thus deserve the money.

But I digress. In Wisconsin, the teacher’s union is one of the biggest groups that’s rallying against the government. So many have left the classroom that most schools are counting the kids eligible to be there then sending them back home. Is it really a good thing to make the people who teach the children mad? He certainly can’t fire them all; or could he? Wasn’t that exactly what Rhode Island threatened to do last year? And didn’t New Jersey eliminate more than 1,300 teaching positions last year?

It sends a bad message to everyone when someone in the leadership position up and decides that they’re the law and that they can just shut everyone else up and do what they want to do. I’m sorry folks, but no one elected anyone to have that kind of power. If President Obama was doing it the conservatives would be calling him a fascist and power hungry.

The madness has to stop. If the governor needs to lay off people from government jobs, then do it. He says he’s not going to do it, though, saying he doesn’t want to keep people from working. So let’s get this straight; he doesn’t want to eliminate jobs for people who essentially work for him, but he’s ready to eliminate them, and their rights, for everyone else? And that’s fair?

Just to be clear, I’m not saying I always support the unions position. After all, saying you’re owed a 4% raise no matter what when everyone else is struggling does seem to be a bit cold. True, past leadership probably gave that to you, but help out a little bit and spread the pain. At the same time I understand why they won’t do it; after all, with government ready to do what they’re proposing to do, the level of trust has to be gone.

This madness has to stop before things really get out of control. Pretty soon, it’s going to start happening in every state in the nation; well, almost every state. The time for good fiscal management has come; heck, it’s always been there. But government is elected for a reason; to protect ALL of its citizens, not only a few. Yes, sometimes dictators are elected; in the United States, we’re supposed to be better than that.

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