Unemployment numbers are high across the country. Many communities have reached double digit figures, and the country as a whole is sitting on 9.8, which means it’s probably going to surpass that figure fairly soon.

I’ve always been a bit leery of unemployment numbers. Unless the economy is humming, I’ve always known that you could add at least 2 or 3 percentage points to unemployment figures at any time. That’s because what most people don’t pay attention to are those people who drop off unemployment and still aren’t working. And that happens frequently.

Just today, CNN printed a story saying that around 7,000 people a day are falling off unemployment because they’ve not had jobs for that long a period of time. Once they fall off, they’re not counted anymore. So, they’re the under-represented, non-counted potential majority in this country, at those kinds of numbers, and it’s scary.

What’s the issue? There are no jobs for most of these people to go to. When you have factories close and lay off thousands, and you realize that most of those folks are unskilled workers, just where the heck were they supposed to find new work? Manufacturing is leaving this country in big numbers, as these weasel companies are finding that they can put up shop elsewhere for less money and less regulation. They say they’re doing it for the consumers here, so they can charge lower prices; yeah, lower prices to a population that doesn’t have a job and still can’t afford the product.

Just to go on the record, I’ve never been against outsourcing to anyone who proves they can do the job better. But if the job is equal, I’m against rewarding companies for moving plants out of the country so they can save millions of dollars. If I had my way, I’d put a tariff on any American company that makes products outside of the United States. I’d do it without hesitation, but I’d make sure that any benefit they got for moving those factories from here was minimal.

Can we, the United States, get away with that? Sure we can. Look at how we’re somehow pressured all these other countries into giving up banking information so they can go after people’s taxes. Some people call these folks tax cheats; I’ve called them inventive entrepreneurs. I would never have done it, but I can see how these guys could come up with it, banking in other countries so they didn’t have to pay taxes on the money. That’s how the system worked, and I wasn’t mad at anyone for figuring it out.

I believe this country has a duty to start protecting the American worker and American jobs. There should be standards set, and there should be tariffs levied. Either that or figure out another way to stimulate business ventures in this country. That’s what stimulus money needs to go to. We need some of those jobs back; we need to give people a chance to get back to work.

Someone tell me why this can’t work.