There are probably a lot of people who at one time or another give thought to trying out products that are considered eco-friendly. Some have even tried those products only to find that they’re not getting what was advertised and given them up. Even though some critics might say that giving up some conveniences for the sake of the environment is a small price to pay, the reality is that most of us get used to certain things and we want them the way we want them.

Light bulb
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Let’s think about light bulbs for a minute. The technology has changed such that there are light bulbs that are advertised at a lower watt stating they’re equivalent to the wattage of a much higher bulb. In a way that’s correct, because at the source the light seems to be as bright as with a normal bulb. The problem is that light is focused so much that it only lights the immediate area and doesn’t seem to spread too much further. That means that you have to stay next to the lamp in order to get the benefits of a supposedly equal light bulb. That won’t do when you trying to light up an entire room.

Let’s look at the bathroom now. The first thing to talk about is a low flow shower head. They are purported to save gallons of water every month, which can not only help to reduce one’s water bill, but reduces the use of potable water that can be spread around better. The problem is that you never feel as though you’re actually getting wet all over your body, so you tend to spend more time in the shower moving around to make sure you can get your body totally rinsed off. If you have to stand under a shower head five minutes longer because you’re not confident that you’ve gotten all the soap out of your hair, then where’s the savings?

The second thing is the low flush toilet. It uses less water, which supposedly works just as well as normal toilets, but that’s a fallacy. Some people have had to try to flush the toilet three times or more just to get it clean after a bowel movement. All those extra flushes not only have to use as much water as a normal toilet, but it’s wasting peoples time having to sit there and do multiple flushes.

If the hope and expectation of the populace is that we will all eventually move to greener energy sources and energy saving resources, we’re going to either have to get used to using things that aren’t up to the standards were used to, or requiring the people who create these things to make them work better for our convenience. These things not only help save the ecology, but they save money as well. It’s worth considering them for that reason… I guess. 🙂

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