I used to be the type of person who complained incessantly about my full time job working for someone else, but I never did anything about it! The truth is that I was afraid to take the plunge, to strike out on my own, to be the boss of me. I started to dabbled in real estate investing—purchased a few rental properties, and flipped a house or two, but to do it as my full time job? I was terrified!

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A couple of years ago I finally took the self-employment plunge when the mentors that showed me the in’s and out’s of real estate investing passed the mentoring torch over to me. Since then I have never looked back or regretted it for a second. So I wrote this article with the old me in mind, the frightened me. I know that many people are not satisfied with your jobs, but are too scared to take on the responsibility of working for themselves.

Here are my main reasons why I am more motivated because I work for myself…

1. I am 100% responsible for my own financial destiny

That used to be scary to say or even think, but it isn’t any longer. The fact that I am 100% responsible for whether my company succeeds or fails is one very strong source of motivation. When I wake up in the morning there is no-one else to blame, but me if I lose a sale, can’t get renters, etc. Basically, the buck stops with me! However at the same time, if I’m successful in my venture the credit is all mine because I am the one in control. I am finally able to show my family, friends, and myself exactly what I’m capable of and that is the most rewarding and motivating aspect of entrepreneurship. The scary thing (for some people) is that responsibility, but once you take the plunge you will realize the freeing aspect—that you are totally in control of your own life, and the direction you take it in is totally up to you!

2. I create work that suits my life

Another very motivating aspect of self-employment is that suddenly your values and what’s most important to you are front and center. There is no boring, blanket company mission statement summing up what you “should” value the most from 9 to 5. Instead, you can tap into your life to determine what your personal company values are, and create a work life balance that supports them.

3. I am the most vital resource I offer as a company

As the owner of a real estate investing company I can honestly say that I am the most valuable resource my company has. Without me there would be no one to take conference calls with lenders to secure cash for my investments, there would be no one to book contractors to fix up a flip worthy property, and there would be no one to ensure a constant stream of income coming in via renters. Basically, if I vanished off the face of the earth tomorrow, my business would fail. There is something seriously gratifying about that. It’s true, many people complain that the main reason they hate their current jobs so much is because they feel unappreciated. There’s no chance of that if you work for yourself. You will never be a disgruntled employee working for a hard-to-please boss again.

4. I am forced to take better care of myself

Because I am my most valuable resource, you better believe my health (mental and physical) became a big priority. Suddenly, I can’t call in sick, and there’s no HR department to notice when I’m too stressed or taking my job home with me too often. Entrepreneurs don’t get reminders to take lunch breaks or go home at 5pm. Instead, it is up to you to practice self-care so you can keep running a successful business with things like:

  • Getting exercise and eating right
  • Sleeping adequately
  • Taking a lunch when you need a break
  • Having a mentor or colleague to talk to when stressed
  • Taking time to recharge
  • Making time for other responsibilities—family, friends, social, hobbies

Karen Davis is a real estate investing mentor from Houston Texas. Karen began as a member at Lifestyles Unlimited in 2008, and has since bought and sold 12 single family properties. She became a Mentor and Trainer and currently owns 8 single family properties.

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