As technology advances, everything gets reinvented including thermostats. Programmable thermostats have been around for years, and they have the potential to save homeowners a bit of money on their energy bills. Now, however, budget conscious homeowners can save even more money when they invest in WiFi thermostats.

These energy saving devices allow homeowners to adjust their thermostat settings remotely from anywhere in the world. As long as they have access to an internet connection, homeowners can remotely shift their settings and change their program. These gadgets allow late risers to turn up their heaters using their smart phones while still lying in bed, but they have countless other uses that are arguably more important than simply staying under the covers on a cold weekend morning.

With a WiFi thermostat, landlords can easily change the temperature of a rental that has suddenly been vacated. Homeowners can adjust their thermostats from work if they need to respond to a change in the weather. When an unexpected snow storm blows in, they can increase their temps, and when an unexpected heat wave hits the area, they can save money by lowering their thermostat immediately. Similarly, homeowners can also raise or lower their thermostats as needed while they are on vacation.

For years, green homeowners have been using programmable thermostats. Using these tools, they were able to control their home’s heating and cooling in ways that saved money and energy. Homeowners could anticipate when they needed their home to be warm, and when they needed it to be cooler. They could program the thermostat to a lower temperature in the evening while they were sleeping or during the day while they were at work, and they could program the thermostat to raise the temperatures during the times of the day when they anticipated being at home. The downfall of these systems, however, is that they have no ability to change according to a homeowner’s needs.

With a WiFi thermostat, in contrast, homeowners can keep their temperatures low if they plan on returning home later than usual. They can change the settings from the airport if they forget to do it before leaving home on vacation. They can remotely warm up their home if they decide to head there early. This increased flexibility makes life more comfortable for homeowners, but it also saves them money.

According to the government based Energy Star program, roughly half of the energy that homeowners use is to heat and cool their homes. Heating and cooling represents nearly 47% of an average home’s total energy usage. By simply using a WiFi programmable thermostat, homeowners can save a significant amount of energy, and they can save an average of $180 per year.

One of the best selling WiFi thermostats currently on the market is the Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat. This WiFi enabled thermostat retails for under $300, and many shoppers are able to find it with a $130 price tag. It allows users to remotely monitor and control their thermostat, and it includes an energy saving schedule which allows users to track their progress as they reduce their energy usage by up to 15%. Similar Trane models sell for less than $100. Those prices mean that homeowners can recoup their original investment within the first six months.

The BAYweb Internet Thermostat also allows homeowners wireless control of their thermostats. This thermostat can be controlled through an easy to use app that you can install on your phone. In addition to controlling and monitoring a homeowner’s energy usage, this thermostat also alerts homeowners if there is an issue with their heating or cooling units. Notifications like these can be a lifesaver. A timely notification can be the difference between making a quick repair call or dealing with a burst pipe and the resulting damage.

Homeowners who want to save money and energy have several options. One of the most essential things that they need to deal with, however, is reducing their heating and cooling costs. By using a WiFi thermostat, homeowners can create a program that responds to their constantly changing heating and cooling needs.

Adam works with All Comfort Specialist— a trusted leader in Oklahoma City air conditioning repair. Adam enjoys writing about affordable home options.

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