Economic times are tough, and many people are trying to find ways to make their dollars go further. Trust me, I have some of the same issues as everyone else. One thing I’ve always been able to do, though, is set up a budget. That way, I know how much money I have, and how much money I’ll have when I finish paying bills. I’ve been doing it for years, so at this point I’m pretty good at it.

For those of you who might need help, you can try something like Thrive. Thrive will help you set up a budget for free using their program. If you’re honest with it, it will tell you how much you’re spending or possibly over spending, help you figure out how to pay off your debt long term, and help you learn how to save, or plan ahead for bigger purchases down the line. They even had a blog that gives you ongoing budgeting tips.

For full disclosure, I didn’t sign up for this, because I know how to budget already. Still, I did go through the site, and it looks like just what the financial doctor ordered. Give it a shot, and please, come back and tell me how it works for you.

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