Forbes Magazine came out with The World’s Youngest Billionaires, and the article showed that they’re aging, but not in the manner you might think. Sure, everyone gets older, but what’s occurred is that some who were billionaires aren’t anymore, which means the average age went up. Last year, the average age of the youngest billionaires were 32; this year, the average age is 35.

The average dollar figure of these billionaires has decreased also. Last year it was $4.2 billion dollars on average, and this year it’s dropped to $2.9 billion. No, we’re not crying for any of them just yet, but how many of us would want to deal with a 30% decrease in our overall wealth in a year, without it being our fault? Heck, for that matter, how many of us have experienced this already?

Of course, we need to talk about being billionaires in the first place. Just like the stock market, all this wealth is on paper, and not reality. Because of this, it’s easy to believe that these billionaires are losing the kind of money they are, since they never really had it to begin with. Still, knowing some of these people who are billionaires are young, and knowing that some of them created it on their own instead of inheriting it, makes us all feel better, as I wrote in an earlier post on being wealthy.

Unfortunately, unlike what I talked about in that article, the youngest billionaire in the world is 25-year-old German Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis, who is worth $2.1 billion, and of course inherited his wealth from his family. The youngest billionaire on the list who didn’t acquire it through family means is Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, at 24 years of age. And, of course, the richest of the youngest group are the two creators of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

So, even though some of the young billionaires are hanging on the cusp of being billionaires, it still shows that there’s lots of money out there to be made. Don’t hate any of these people, even the ones who inherited it. Try to figure out how you’ll make it on this list, or the rich list in general, since, unfortunately, the days of my trying to be on the “youngest” list are gone.