Can I ask you a question? What is your mindset as it relates to money? Have you ever thought about it? I bet you haven’t, and if that’s the case, then I’m here to get you thinking about it.

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It’s my belief that I have better habits than you as it pertains to money. It’s also my belief that I have some of the same habits that you have as it pertains to money. Those two things might seem to contradict each other, so let me explain.

When money is tight, or I’m in “protect mode”, I’m the best budgeter you’ve ever seen. Any extra money I get goes directly into the pot to pay bills. I budget everything, from how much money I’m spending on groceries for the week to how much gas I really need to put in the car. If it’s winter and I’m working from home, I’ll drop the heat to the lowest temperature I can stand, put on extra shirts, and throw more covers on the bed.

When money isn’t tight and it’s flowing pretty well, my behavior slightly changes. I still budget for bills, sometimes paying more than what’s expected so I can get ahead. I also don’t withhold myself from buying almost anything I want, within reason. I’m not out there dropping thousands on things, but I will grab a couple hundred and head to the casino more often, or pamper myself with a massage because, hey, my work is stressful.

The main difference between myself and possibly 90% of the population is that I know exactly how much money I have coming in all the time and how much I have going to bills. Even when I’m spending more money, I’m spending money using my debit card or cash rather than piling it onto a credit card, thus my debt isn’t rising. There are expenses I put on my business American Express card that I pay off each month so I can accumulate points, but that’s it.

I tend to believe that how we think about money is how we think about ourselves. Do we live fast and free, taking chances with our lives, or are we a bit more secure, taking calculated risks that can’t hurt us that much but also making sure we’re taking care of our future.

As a special treat, I’m sharing a recent video I did on the subject. I mention my other blog, since that’s the YouTube channel I represent, but it fits here well because of the topic. I ask you to think about how you see money, and if it’s not in your best interest as you see it then figure out where you want to make changes. If you want to see more, check out this article about relationships with money; talk about a timely topic. 🙂


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